Perfect Place to Choose

Cafe Del Mar is a complete holiday location. Interestingly, the beach huts here are built form bio-degradable material and rebuilt and redesigned every year. With a Wi-Fi enabled restaurant, pool tables, foosball and beach beds. The amazing experience of cocktails and continental cuisine here. Cafe Del Mar spell the essence of ‘Susegad’serving up a quintessential tradition of Goa that is hard to match. Authentic Goan Cuisine, dominated by the choicest pickings off the sea, cool sand caressing the feet and an idyllic mood make for the most relaxing, yet inexpensive experience.

Find peace of mind.
Amidst our business, we rarely take the time to hit pause, relax, and think about what is truly valuable to us. We hope that the restful and rejuvenating atmosphere of Palolem Beach will help you put aside your anxieties and give you time to clarify:

    • Your passions
    • Your values
    • Your needs and desires
    • Your purpose in life.